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Leading animation studio in Greater China


Manufacturer of instant noodles and beverages in Indonesia

Masan Food

Manufacturer and distributer of food and beverages in Vietnam


Number 1 e-commerce marketplace in Singapore




The Company connects patients to a network of doctors and pharmacies using technology

P WuXi AppTec

Leading provider of R&D and manufacturing services to the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries

Eu Yan Sang

Leading integrative health and wellness company with a unique heritage in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) since 1879


Manufacturer of TCM and pharmaceutical drugs in China


Energy & Logistics

DME China Energy Limited

Manufacturer and distributor of DME and methanol


The company is in shipbuilding, trade logistics, ship-leasing and real estate

Masan Food

A leading integrated heavy lift specialist and service provider, supporting mainly the oil and gas, petrochemical, infrastructure and construction sectors

Mermaid Maritime

The company provides subsea and drilling services to oil and gas majors

Technology/ Industry 4.0


Developer of proprietary cross-screen intelligence technology and analytics for businesses to identify, analyze and reach their target customers across a variety of smart devices


On‐demand mobile platform that operates transportation platform, food delivery platform, instant logistics platform and e‐wallet


Leader in education technology that addresses the deep-rooted nationwide problems in education by combining pedagogy with technology

NTI NanoFilm

Leading coating technology company utilizing nanotechnology to produce protective coatings with applications in automotive, consumer electronics, water treatment and solar films