Responsible Investing

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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Since 2004, UOBVM has incorporated ESG assessment within its investment evaluation process.

We are committed to make socially responsible investments and ensure the adoption of appropriate corporate governance measures as part of our Environmental, Social, Health, Safety, Labour and Governance and risk management programs. The approach is to devise a plan to identify concrete steps for achieving ESG compliance as well as other areas of improvement. This action plan, which is based on technical and feasibility studies by consultants engaged by the investment team and lays out specific measures required for attaining compliance, their total costs and the time required for construction and/or completion. The action plan will become a part of the roadmap to an eventual IPO.

We believe that an appropriate ESG program provides a mechanism that allows us to invest our funds in a prudent and responsible manner. We are able to achieve enhanced returns with less volatility while helping to safe guard against potential financial and reputation losses.

Our ESG program relating to environment, social, health and safety assessment was rated excellent by the Asian Development Bank. Click here to read the report by ADB.

Impact Investing

As a responsible investor, part of our capital is placed in enterprises that generate a positive social and/or environmental impact, alongside financial return. Our impact investment strategy is to target fast growing businesses (across ASEAN and China) that seek to improve the livelihood of people living at the “base of the pyramid” (BoP). Currently, an estimated 1.35 billion people in ASEAN and China live on less than USD8.22 a dayi.

Responsible Investing